DropIn's Features

Our robust streaming platform provides all the tools you need to efficiently manage multiple claims.

One click live streaming with full Audio, Chat, and remote picture taking.

Easy to use Dashboard with full history of past stream sessions and easily sortable by Date, Reference #, and searchable address.

Exportable Media Assets.

Ability to use a Direct operator, Drone operator, or On Demand Droperator.TM

GPS & View Map positioning to guarantee you are streaming the correct location.

Full transaction history.

Claim Services


Our fastest option. Send a request to the insured to download the DropIn app. Once downloaded, the adjuster has a direct connection with the insured to walk them through gathering the necessary media assets for the claim. Price and hours can vary based on availability and claim location.

Drone OR Smartphone: $15 Flat Rate

Our independent registered drivers are easily dispatched to the claim site. Think like hailing an Uber or Lyft driver, but for live stream video. Once at the site the Droperator can be directed to take all the necessary photos and videos of your claim. Price and hours can vary based on availability and claim location.

Avg. Drone Cost: $200
Avg. Smartphone Cost: $100

“InsurTech is going to continue to disrupt the insurance industry. DropIn is an example of the future and we are proud to be partnering with them.”

Denise Garth - (Majesco)


Live Video
On Demand
Only in the UK
Desktop to Mobile
w Live Video
Mobile to Mobile
Direct to Insured
with Live video
Desktop to Drone
Browser StreamingComing

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