Friend or Foe Podcast: Interview with CRO of DropIn, Inc. Jen Friel & Larry Thomas "The Soup Nazi"

LOS ANGELES, August 5th, 2016 - Blogger, jet setter, dating expert, and world traveler Jen Friel returns to the show to share with us being the CRO of the on-demand live video platform, DropIn, Inc., making a return appearance on CNBC’s “West Texas Investors Club,” living on an island, more on her blog Talk Nerdy To Me, Lover being picked up by Jerry Bruckheimer and CBS, the perfect pitch, working on “Deal or No Deal,” bring WTIC’s Butch and Rooster with her on a date from “The League,” partying at the Houdini mansion and recently meeting up with Erik while dressed as Katy Perry (complete with a frosting bra). Our second segment welcomes Emmy-nominated actor Larry Thomas (aka Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi), who shares the tale of how he and Kevin met, crazy past interviews, his book Confessions of a Soup Nazi: An adventure in Cooking, how his chili won over the entire theater department at his college, the Seinfeld experience, and more.